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Providing Everything You Need for health, fitness and crushing your endurance racing goals! 

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coaching for tired moms

Bespoke coaching for tired moms, from online personalized coaching in running, skiing, triathlon or general fitness to Premium Online Courses including how to organize your life so that you can have time for exercise and taking care of yourself.

Nordic fitness coaching

At Nordic Fitness Coaching, we specialize in coaching running, triathlon, and skiing with a distinctive Nordic twist. Our approach is inspired by the lifestyle and habits of Nordic countries known for their exceptional well-being, happiness, and physical fitness. We firmly believe that a balanced and active lifestyle plays a significant role in achieving overall happiness and wellness.

Website coming soon. For now, send me an email 

Creative Work

social media marketing 

Are you an endurance sports coach and need help with social media marketing or building your website and sales channels? Contact me to find out how I can help you!

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