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Our Approach

Push Play Sports offers customized fitness and sports training for moms, dads and kids where fitness meets fun. Our approach is to make fitness and sports training enjoyable and engaging for the whole family, so that everyone can stay healthy and active. 

Embracing the joy of movement and using AI in our training are cornerstones in our training planning. We believe in sharing our knowledge so that you can take your fitness into your very capable hands. 


We also provide sports marketing consulting such as website design, social media marketing services to help sports coaches build their brand and reach more clients.

Meet Our Coach


Coach marjaana Rakai

Endurance Sports Coach, Certified Personal Trainer,

Tired Mom Runs 

Owner of Push Play Sports LLC

Meet Coach MJ – a dedicated sports coach with a passion that's ignited she was a child. Coach Marjaana has empowered athletes across all ages and skill levels to conquer their ambitions and unlock their utmost capabilities.

Marjaana (MJ) is a mom of three and is originally from North Finland, where she grew up skiing and running her heart's content. She loves everything about sports, and believes that having her kids do many different kinds of sports, both individual and team sports, prepares them for a good, successful life. Being a part of sports is like a mini-practice for life. 

Marjaana's passion is to teach kids and parents about the importance of putting their health and fitness in the driver's seat while enjoying and having fun!

Children copy their parents. If you prioritize your health and fitness, they will too.

Marjaana coaches people of all ages, from 10 to 72 years in running, skiing, triathlon and general strength & conditioning. She truly loves to teach running for teenagers and moms. Marjaana's passion project is "Tired Mom Runs" which promotes fit motherhood - at your fingertips through online private and group coaching. Check out her Instagram @tiredmomruns 

Championing a coaching approach that aligns with today's demanding routines, Coach MJ specializes in seamlessly integrating daily exercise into even the busiest schedules. The heart of her philosophy lies in embracing the sheer joy of movement – because staying active should be an fun and rewarding journey, not a chore.

Through her guidance, athletes not only sweat it out but also gain a profound understanding of intelligent, sustainable training. Coach MJ is more than a coach; she's an educator, imparting wisdom that empowers athletes to make informed decisions for their daily training routines.

What sets Coach MJ apart is her innovative outlook on harnessing technology to enhance performance. A true advocate of artificial intelligence, she's harnessed its power to propel her athletes toward excellence. Marjaana uses in her own training as well as in her coaching, because she has witnessed the power of this incredible, science-based Artificial Intelligence tool in hew own training as well as with her athletes. 

Ready to embark on a transformative journey that blends dedication, joy, and cutting-edge intelligence? Coach MJ is your partner in pushing boundaries and achieving new heights. 

As an athlete, Marjaana aims to race at the very top of her age group in Ironman, half Ironman distance triathlons, conquering XTerra and Norseman as well as race back in her favourite sport, Cross-Country Skiing.


  • Master's Degree in Sports Sciences from Norwegian School of Sports Sciences (Oslo, Norway)


  • Certification in Personal Training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Girls Gone Strong Women's Coaching Specialist
  • Triathlon Canada Community Trained Coach
  • HIIT Science


  • QUALIFICATIONS to 70.3 World Championships 2022 , Ironman World Championships 2022 & XTerra WC 2023
  • Multiple 70.3, Ironman distance, marathon, half marathons and shorter road races 
  • Ski Marathon (American Birkiebeiner)
  • Previous high level Cross-Country Skier as a Junior 
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