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Discover the power of play for healthier family life

Customized fitness and sports training for moms, dads, and kids

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Push Play Sports offers customized fitness and sports training for moms, dads and kids where fitness meets fun. Our experienced coach MJ provides personalized training programs designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. We also provide sports marketing consulting such as website design, social media marketing services. Contact us today to learn more.

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Marjaana Rakai, MSc Sports Sciences, NASM CPT, GGS Women's Coaching Specialist, Triathlon Canada Community Trained Coach, Running, Skiing, Triathlon, Family Fitness

Marjaana Rakai

Coach, Manager

Marjaana (MJ) is a mom of three and is originally from North Finland, where she grew up skiing and running her heart's content. She loves everything about sports, and believes that having her kids do many different kinds of sports, both individual and team sports, prepares them for a good, successful life. Being a part of sports is like a mini-practice for life. 

Marjaana's passion is to teach kids and parents about the importance of putting their health and fitness in the driver's seat while enjoying and having fun!

Children copy their parents. If you prioritize your health and fitness, they will too.

Marjaana coaches people of all ages, from 10 to 72 years in running, skiing, triathlon and general strength & conditioning. She truly loves to teach running for teenagers and moms. Marjaana's passion project is "Tired Mom Runs" which promotes fit motherhood - at your fingertips through online private and group coaching. Check out her Instagram @tiredmomruns 

Contact Marjaana to schedule a free consultation today.

Read more about MJ by clicking the "Learn More" button below.

honestly, the biggest accomplishment of doing elevate your fitness reset with marjaana, was the proof that I can do it, the i can get back to fitness program and stick to it

Kristel, UAE

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