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Embark on Your Ski Adventure: Introducing Ski Kings & Ski Queens Skiing Training Program!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Are you ready to glide into the exhilarating world of cross-country skiing? The crisp air, the breathtaking scenery, and the thrill of the trail await you in the upcoming ski marathon. As an avid Nordic skiing enthusiast, I understand the passion that fuels your desire to conquer the slopes and achieve your ski dreams. Life can throw challenges our way, especially when juggling a career and family responsibilities. That's why I'm thrilled to unveil a tailor-made solution that adapts to your unique life—welcome to the Ski Kings & Ski Queens Program, an opportunity to challenge yourself in the sport you love, regardless of your busy schedule or fitness level.

You've taken the exciting step of signing up for a ski marathon, and now the path ahead beckons. Each year, I receive numerous requests to craft tailored training programs for passionate Cross-Country Ski enthusiasts. Being an avid Nordic skier myself, I understand that not every Nordic enthusiast was born gliding effortlessly on skis. However, the passion for skiing unites us all, driving us to pursue our Nordic Ski Dreams. As the colder season approaches, especially in the northern hemisphere, it's time to focus on the race you've committed to.

In fortuitous timing, this year, I'm thrilled to present something truly exceptional to support your journey. While you can find ski training programs online at a reasonable cost, generic plans often fall short when life throws its curveballs – and as busy professionals and devoted parents, we know life happens frequently.

Wouldn't it be incredible to have a training plan that adapts to your fitness level and seamlessly integrates with the moments you miss a workout or a few? Imagine logging into your training plan and receiving tailored recommendations for the day, catering to your unique circumstances.

Check out this post I made when my kid woke up sick and I had swimming in my training plan. I simply swapped the swim workout to a bike and was good to go! This is the kind of flexibility that we all need from our training plans, am I right? Check it out here

Picture having the flexibility to choose an indoor bike session with structured intervals on a rainy day or opting for a yoga session after a long office week. Envision a training plan that adjusts based on your recent activities, whether you pushed a bit too hard during a group cycling session and need time to recover.

What if you could join a group coaching program, coming together once a month to discuss pertinent endurance journey topics with a coach who believes there are no trivial questions, drawing from their own experiences?

I am immensely proud to introduce the Ski Kings and Ski Queens program starting September 2023.

Why Do You Need an Adaptable Training Plan?

Cross-Country Ski Kings and Queens understand that consistency is the cornerstone of remarkable results. However, as average individuals, the demands of life often challenge our pursuit of consistency. The chasm between elite athletes and us lies in the luxury of recovery opportunities between training sessions. While age-group athletes often find themselves confined to cars or office desks, the stress of work and travel is still stressful to the body.

We acknowledge that we can't train like elite athletes due to our varied circumstances and financial constraints that often limit access to personalized coaching for adjusting training plans to align with our lives. Consequently, many resort to free or generic plans, which may suit some but not all. Yet, you can still rise as a Ski King or Queen without adhering to an elite athlete's training regimen.

Train Smarter, Not Harder!

Thus, the critical question emerges: How do YOU maintain consistency amidst life's relentless demands while striving to achieve your goals – whether completing a ski marathon or vying for the top spot in your age group?

This is precisely where Ski Queens and Kings come in...

Introducing the Ski Kings and Queens Group Training Program

—an adaptable, science-based training plan designed to understand YOU.

Athletica, our personalized Artificial Intelligence training plan, evolves with your unique circumstances. Athletica offers comprehensive session analyses and dynamically updates your plan post-workouts, always considering your race and fitness aspirations.

It's a paradigm of true flexibility, allowing YOU to tailor your training to harmonize with your schedule, ensuring that your training plan doesn't dictate your life but enriches it.

I wrote about using AI technology in my endurance training as a coach and athlete in my recent blog post for Tired Mom Runs.

As your coach, I'm here to seamlessly offer guidance by commenting on your sessions and providing advice.

No longer confined to rigid, generic plans, you deserve a plan that adapts, building upon completed past workouts, continually recalibrating your journey, so you peak at your optimal best on race day.

Here's how you can work with Athletica's intellectual algorithm:

  • Log into your Athletica training platform and access your weekly training diary.

  • Enjoy the freedom to shuffle workouts between days based on your life's unique demands. If a 90-minute ski session on a Friday afternoon isn't feasible, perhaps a strength workout in the living room fits better. It's about YOU having the autonomy to change workouts to suit your life.

  • Need a designated day off from training? Simply inform Athletica of your desired Rest Day, and I'll guide you through the process.

Athletica's training programming intelligence draws from decades of exercise science by Prof. Paul Laursen and Prof. Martin Buchett from

In full transparency, I have personally employed Athletica in my Triathlon training since 2021, and I proudly serve as an Athletica Ambassador. Since 2022, I've utilized the Athletica platform in my coaching journey.

Why Online Group Training?

Frequently, I receive the same inquiries about endurance training, and it dawned on me that there had to be an efficient way to disseminate these answers to a broader audience. Thanks to the pandemic, creative solutions emerged, and I initiated group coaching with overwhelmingly positive outcomes. It allowed for interactive discussions and practical advice-sharing among athletes—an ideal scenario!

A pivotal aspect of my group coaching programs is the MONTHLY COACHING CALL, structured around topics of current interest to my athletes in their training year.

Specifically tailored for SKI KINGS & QUEENS, the coaching calls follow this schedule, with ample room for your questions, of course:

  1. September: "How to Use Athletica Platform" practical lesson + your questions/suggestions

  2. October: Training Intensity + your questions/suggestions (with a special focus on female physiology for Queens)

  3. November: Incorporating Strength in the Endurance Program + your questions/suggestions

  4. December: Rest, Recovery + your questions/suggestions

  5. January: Race and Training Nutrition + your questions/suggestions

  6. February: Race Day/Week Planning and Race Strategy + your questions/suggestions

All sessions will be conducted online via Zoom and recorded for your convenience. The duration ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the volume of questions.

Is Individual Coaching Offered?

Absolutely! I will provide personalized feedback on your Athletica training and am always accessible to address your inquiries. Your journey is our shared focus.

What About Race Day?

On February 24th, 2024, we will collectively participate in the American Birkiebeiner in Cable, Wisconsin! We'll convene a day before the race and celebrate post-race, albeit with different start times based on our respective prior results.


I managed to miss the full Birkie registration, and I have received enquiries about skiers wanting to another ski marathon. So I am opening both groups to INCLUDE ANY SKI MARATHON FROM 29K (KORTE LOPPET at Birkie) to 55K!

So if you were on the fence, but wasn't planning on racing Birkie, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! JOIN US TODAY!

What Do I Need To Be Part of The Group?

You need either Garmin or Strava to integrate with Athletica. You need a reliable internet connection. You need to be eager to share your questions and actively engage in the group calls, for the more you contribute, the more enriched your experience becomes. You are responsible for covering your race fees, travel, and accommodation costs.

Can I Be Part Of This Group Even If I am Skiing Another Ski Marathon Somewhere Else?

YES! Ideally we aim for a ski marathon close to end of February timing wise. Please contact me for more deets!

What Is the Investment?

This program entails a cost of 150 USD per month, payable in five monthly installments of 150 USD.

To provide context, my standard charge for one-on-one coaching is 350 USD/month, while participation in the Endurance Tribe (a group coaching program) is priced at 149 USD. Generic plans are typically offered at 5 USD per week, and individual plans at 13 USD per week.

Thanks to Athletica, I've optimized my time efficiency. While I could accommodate more athletes on a one-on-one basis, I recognize that financial constraints affect many individuals today. Hence, I find gratification in extending my services at a reduced cost to those eager to challenge themselves and delve into the world of endurance sports.

It's an investment in your health and a journey towards self-assured expertise. With this program, you not only gain invaluable knowledge to carry into the future, but you also acquire the confidence to navigate your own training path.

When Do We Start?

Start TODAY, Registrations for ski marathons are filling up, and the sooner you start training, the better! You pay 150 USD per month regardless when you join.

There is no better day than today!

But hurry, I will only take 5 Kings, 5 Queens into these programs!

Are you ready to join?

Join us on this incredible skiing journey with the Ski Kings & Ski Queens Program. Let's create a training plan that melds seamlessly with your life, adjusting to your rhythms, preferences, and ambitions. Whether it's adjusting workouts to fit a rainy day or providing you the guidance you need for optimal performance, this program empowers you to become the best version of yourself on the ski trails. Take a leap towards your skiing aspirations—let's embrace the adventure and make this ski season one to remember.

Ski Kings:

Yours in Skiing
Marjaana Rakai
MSc Sports Sciences
GGS Women's Coaching Specialist
Tri Canada Community Trained Coach
Triathlete, Skier, Mom, Expat, Coach, Business Owner


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